Relay teams and teams that what to do the entire event together are welcome.


Relay teams can be of either 2 or 3 individuals. If you are participating in the Aqua-Ruck you may only have a relay team of 2 seeing how there are only 2 events (swim and ruck).

Relay teams can establish their team in any order they wish but must do the events in order (Swim, then Mountain Bike, then Ruck). Transition times will count as part of the relay teams overall time. 


Teams who are not performing as a relay will have all teammates complete all events. Times for teams will be calculated based on the first team member that starts and the last team member that finishes. Teams, where not all team members finish, will incur a time penalty added to their overall time. 

Teams may be of any size, however, because of certain permit restriction some teams may be broken up into an "Alpha Team" and a "Bravo Team" by the organizer. 


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