Please find below frequently asked questions about this event

What is a Ruck? A ruck is essentially a weighted backpack that is used by the military to carry gear over a distance. 

Do I need a certain weight in the ruck? You only need a specific weight if you are competing for a podium spot. Participants competing in the Super Hero distance must have no less than 30 lbs dry (measured without water) in their ruck and those competing in the Hero distance must have not less than 15 lbs (measured without water) dry. 

Who does this benefit? All proceeds of this event will be given to Give2Those whose mission is to help first responders and their families in times of need. 

I don't have a mountain bike can I still participate? Yes!! If you don't have access to a mountain bike you can participate in the aqua-ruck portion of the race. Alternatively, you can create a relay team where you can recruit a friend who is willing to do the bike portion of the event.  

What is the Superhero Ruck distance? The Superhero Ruck distance is classified to simulate the unknown that many of our heroes face everyday. We can tell you that it is longer then the Hero distance Ruck but shorter then a marathon. Around the 1 mile remaining mark participants will be notified that the finish line is closing in. 

Im not comfortable swimming, what can I do? Swimming is apart of every event during race day, however you can create a relay team and have a friend complete the swim for you. We have options for the relay swimmer to continue to complete the entire race and can place you with a swimmer of you cant find one. If you cant find a swimmer reach out to us at cmarden@triforheros.org.


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