The Course has two distinct distance categories, "SuperHero" and "Hero". Participants can elect to do either distance category in any series of events, however, participants who start with a specific category must stay with the same category throughout the event to receive credit.  


The hero distance is the events shortest distance, however, is designed to still provide a challenge. 

Participants who register for the hero distance can expect to swim 400 meters, bike 5 kilometers (3.1 miles) and ruck roughly 5 miles before crossing the finish line. If participants are registered for the aqua-ruck the bike distance is removed. 


The superhero distance is the events longest distance and is designed to provide both a physical and mental challenge. Participants who register for the superhero distance can expect to swim 800 meters, bike 10 kilometers (6.2 miles). The ruck distance for the superhero category is classified and participants will only learn of the distance within the last mile of the ruck. If participants are registered for the aqua-ruck the bike distance is removed. 



The swim will take place in charge pond. Charge Pond is 17 feet at its deepest point with an average depth of 6 feet. The pond will be outlined with bouys and a soft barrier. Participants will swim in a counter-clockwise pattern with the bariers to the participants right.   

Tri for heros short swim route.png

400 Meter

800 Meter


The bike will take place over various types of terrain to include sand, dirt, and asphalt. The bike course switche from single, double and triple tracked paths throughout the course. There will only be one water stop on the bike course. Participants will need to be self sufficiant on the course. 


5 kilometer

10 kilometer


The ruck will take place on a paved surface and be an out and back course with two loops at its base. There is a water station at the turn around point where a volunteer will attach a colored zip tie to you ruck to indicate the number of laps completed. Participants that are registered for the superhero distance will be directed on direction of travel by volunteers. The ruck will finish through the "path of honor" leading directly to the "compound". 



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